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DJI Care Refresh for Osmo Action 3

DJI Care Refresh for Osmo Action 3


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Service Duration

This is not a physical product, only an extended service plan for a product you already own. We will activate the service plan on your behalf within 24-48 business hours. No activation key will be provided.

You can only purchase a service plan on unactivated products, or within a certain time frame if your product is activated as listed below:

Drones: Activated less than 48 hours
Osmo/Ronin: Activated less than 30 days
Zenmuse: Activated less than 48 hours


DJI Care Refresh Deductible Pricing

  First Replacement Second Replacement Third Replacement
1 Year Plan $25 CAD $39 CAD /
2 Year Plan $25 CAD $39 CAD $52 CAD
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