Local Pickups FAQ

We have temporarily suspended local pickup services at our store. All in-store pickups must be paid in store at time of pickup. Please call ahead of arrival to confirm product availability.

All physical items sold via our online storefront are eligible to be picked up in store instead of being shipped out to your address. This allows you to obtain your purchases even faster by not having to wait for your order to be shipped and delivered.

How do I place an order for local pickup?

You can place an order for local pickup just like any other order on our online store. Upon checkout, you must select "Local Pickup" as the delivery option so that we know not to ship your order out to you.

How long do I have to wait before an item is ready for local pickup?

This all depends on our current workload at the time the order is placed as well as stock availability. Generally, we will make an item available for pickup within 24 hours from the time the order is placed. Please be sure to wait for the Ready for Pickup email from us before heading to the store!

Items explicitly marked as Pre-Order, Out of Stock, Special Order, or Limited Quantities Available can potentially take longer to make available for local pickup. Please contact us to inquire about the availability of a specific item you are looking for.

Who can pick up an online order?

In order to protect us both from attempted fraud, all orders must be picked up by the individual that placed the order and whose name is present on the order. For example, if you place an order under someone else's name, you are not eligible to pick up the order on the other person's behalf. Similarly, if you place an order under your own name, you must be the pickup person as no one else is able to pick up the order on your behalf.

Upon arrival, please be sure to have a government-issued photo ID with you such as a driver's license, health card, or passport as well as the original credit card used for your purchase. We will verify your identity by comparing your ID and credit card to the name and payment information we have on file for your order. Any discrepancies will render your order ineligible for pickup. Physical IDs and credit cards are required. We will not accept a photo or photocopy of your ID or credit card.

Orders that amount to $500 or more are subject to the same identification procedures mentioned above and either a scan/picture of the government-issued photo ID will be taken by DJI Shop Canada staff and retained for order security. Customers that wish to not have their ID scanned or retained will have their online order cancelled and must pay in-store using a physical card at our terminal.

How long are items available for local pickup?

We will hold the item for up to three (3) days from the time it is made available for pickup. If you do not arrive to pick up your order within this time, we will cancel the order without prior notice and automatically process a refund to your original payment method. Items will then be returned to the shelf or given to another customer that is awaiting the same item.

Why was my local pickup order cancelled?

There are many reasons why your local pickup order would be cancelled. Here's a list of the most common reasons:

  • You took too long to pick up your order. We only hold items for up to 3 days.
  • Items that you ordered are not available. Sometimes our system makes mistakes and accepts orders for items that we are sold out of.
  • Incorrectly entered billing information. If the name, address, or postal code provided on the order does not match what your credit card company has on file, your order will be cancelled.

I made a mistake, can I change my order to be shipped instead?

Of course! If you need your order shipped out, please let us know so that we can make appropriate arrangements to do so. Please keep in mind that local pickup orders are subject to a delivery fee if the order does not meet the minimum order value requirements for free shipping. Details are available on our shipping policy page.

What if I can't make it in time to pick up my order?

Please let us know if you are unable to pick up your order within the given 3 day window. We will make alternate arrangements from there.

Still have questions?

If you're still unsure about how the process works, or if you have any questions that may not have been covered here, simply reach out, and we'll help you with any questions you may have!