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Matrice 30

Matrice 30


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  • Integrated Wide, Zoom, and Infrared cameras with a Laser Rangefinder sensor
  • IP55 ingress protection, and -20° C~50° C temperature operation range
  • Lightweight and portable, for those who are mobile
  • Remote control is tailor-made for enterprise users
  • 41-Min Max. Flight Time
  • Compatible with FlightHub 2 for efficient ground-to-cloud synergy
  • Support remote deployment operations with DJI Dock


In the Box

1x Aircraft Body
2x TB30 Battery
1x DJI RC Plus Remote Controller
1x 1671 Spare Propeller (CW)
1x 1671 Spare Propeller (CCW)
1x USB-C Cable
1x USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x Carrying Case
1x Screws and Tools Set
1x BS30 Battery Station

What's the difference between Basic and Plus?

DJI Care Enterprise Basic includes 2 accidental damage replacements within 1 year from the date of activation, each subject to a deductible upon making the claim. Deductibles are as follows:

  Matrice 30 Matrice 30T
First Replacement $630 USD $900 USD
Second Replacement $720 USD $1030 USD


DJI Care Enterprise Plus includes unlimited repairs for up to 1 year from the date of activation with a total coverage limit equalling the product's value. For example, if the total coverage limit available is $1000, a repair that is processed will deduct the repair value from the total coverage limit available for the next incident. If a repair is $100, that will be subtracted from the $1000 total coverage limit, leaving up to $900 left for the next incident.

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