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DJI Battery Station for TB50

DJI Battery Station for TB50


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DJI Battery Station for TB50

  • Super large storage space for up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Batteries, two CrystalSky/Cendence Intelligent Batteries and one CrystalSky/Cendence Battery Charging Hub.
  • Charge up to eight TB50 batteries simultaneously. Multiple ports let you also charge the Inspire 2 remote controller, CrystalSky/Cendence Intelligent Battery, and a mobile device.
  • When charging a TB50 Intelligent Battery, the Battery Station's LCD screen displays its current firmware version.
  • Quick, simple, and intelligent discharging feature improve battery maintenance for storage and travel.
  • A built-in cooling fan ensures every battery stays within a safe range. The Battery Station automatically cancels charging and discharging to avoid any safety hazards when overheating is detected.
  • Wheels and a telescopic handle make the Battery Station convenient for travel.


To ensure professional film crews with efficiency for every shooting task, DJI introduces a new battery station built specifically for the TB50 Intelligent Battery. The DJI Battery Station is the all-in-one solution for battery charging, storage, and transportation, helping you to efficiently manage batteries for any film set.

Comprehensive Charging

Multiple Charging Modes

Quick and Simple Discharging

    In the Box

    Battery Station × 1
    AC Power Cable × 1
    Remote Controller Charging Cable × 2


    Model: IN2BS
    Dimensions: 484 mm × 226.5 mm × 220 mm
    Net Weight: 7.7 kg
    Max Internal Load: 12 kg
    Compatible Stored Items:
    TB50 Intelligent Battery × 12
    CrystalSky/Cendence Intelligent Battery × 2
    CrystalSky/Cendence Charging Hub × 1
    AC Power Cable × 1
    Input: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
    Battery Port: 26.1 V max., 6.75 A max. × 8
    Remote Controller Port: 26.1 V max., 4 A max. × 2
    USB Port: 5 V, 2 A × 2
    Operating Temperature: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
    Charging Time*:
    TB50 Intelligent Battery:
    90 minutes (Normal mode); 35 minutes (Quick mode);
    4 hrs 20 minutes (Silent mode)
    Remote Controller:
    2 hrs 24 minutes (GL6D10A); 3 hrs (GL800A)
    *Charging times are tested in a lab environment at room temperature. This values should be used for
    reference only.


    Inspire 2 TB50 Intelligent Battery
    CrystalSky/Cendence Intelligent Battery
    CrystalSky/Cendence Battery Charging Hub
    Inspire 2 Remote Controller
    Ronin 2 Remote Controller
    Matrice 200 Remote Controller
    Mobile Device

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