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Polar Pro - Osmo Pocket Action Mount

Polar Pro - Osmo Pocket Action Mount


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Polar Pro - Osmo Pocket Action Mount

The Osmo Pocket Action Mount expands mounting options, enabling you to create immersive content out in the wild. With its secure frame design, the Action Mount firmly holds the Osmo Pocket in three different mounting orientations. Using the included thumbscrew you can connect to your favorite GoPro Mounts. Constructed with lightweight reinforced nylon, the Action Mount has a sturdy build with minimal weight added.



  • Quickly connect the Osmo Pocket to your favorite GoPro mounts
  • Three mounting positions for added versatility
  • Secure frame design wraps entirely around the Osmo Pocket ensuring it is locked into position
  • Includes a thumbscrew to quickly install and remove
  • The easiest way to connect your Osmo Pocket to handlebars, helmets, backpack mounts or extension poles


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